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Eurhythmics Ltd thanks to its department of design and installation provides the full range of professional services from design to installation and further configuration of high quality sound, lighting, stage and installation equipment, implementing the complex turnkey installation projects for different objects such as concert stages, theaters, cultural centers, shopping malls, stadiums, temples, hotels, restaurants, café and state institutions. In case of complex projects we guarantee the individual approach to the statement of work for each event, involving engineering teams from our foreign partners with highly qualified staff and professional technical base.

We implement the complete solutions for the objects of any complexity, assuring the high quality and further technical support.


The concept of complete solutions foresees:


  • Developing the Statements of Work (SOW)
  • Creating specifications of main sound and lighting equipment or video systems.
  • Technical equipment layouts.
  • Power wiring schemes, signal cable and control networks plans. 
  • Equipment connection schemes.
  • Project approval with the customer.


  • Equipment ordering and delivery. All equipment is certified.
  • Direct delivery, wide price range and a great selection of equipment allow us to carry objects of any complexity.


  • Installation team visit.
  • Cable and equipment installation.
  • Connecting and customizing the equipment.
  • Passing object to the customer side.


  • Staff education.
  • Assistance with the first event.
  • Warranty and post-warranty support for the objects.

We offer complete solutions for different objects

 Eurhythmics Ltd is one of the leading companies working in the Ukrainian show business for over than 20 years. Eurhythmics Ltd is a distributor in the territory of Ukraine of musical equipment and tools from more than 30 world manufacturers, including:

  • RCF
  • DIS
  • Proel
  • Shure
  • Behringer
  • Roland System Group

and many others.