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Dexibell S7 piano at Jamala's concert in Kiev – Eurhythmics
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Dexibell S7 piano at Jamala’s concert in Kiev

Dexibell S7 piano at Jamala’s concert in Kiev

Jamala, the latest winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, has recently given two concerts with full house. Both of them were organized at Palace “UKRAINE” and held on 23th and 24th of May.

The decision to give the second concert was caused by a huge number of people willing to listen to Jamala and thank her for the victory. After the first concert with loud and continuous applause at the end, huge quantity of flowers and presents, where the people encored the singer for several times, it was clearly seen that they need more Jamala.


Thanks to her talent and the professionalism of the whole concert team this event became the world-class show. Everyone could not only feel the sincerity of the songs themselves, but also fully enjoy the stunning sound. Particularly, listening to the great Dexibell S7 piano. Thanks to the latest technologies, the new Dexibell S7 is capable to produce the acoustic instruments sound with unbelievable realism. Emotional, deep sound of the piano Dexibell S7  accompanied Jamala’s performance almost all the time during the concert.


The final part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 took place in Stockholm on 14th of May. Ukraine was represented by singer Jamala which performed the song “1944” about the Crimean Tatars deportation during the Second World War.

The official representative of Dexibell products in Ukraine is Eurhythmics Ltd.

Information taken from the site tic-tac.kiev.ua/