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About us

Brief history of «Eurhythmics» company

In December, already a distant and stormy 1991, in which the independent state was restored Ukraine, the company «TIK-TAK» began its activity, the successor of which was subsequently the company «Eurhythmics«.

Even at the beginning of its activities, Eurhythmics has been focusing not only on short-term commercial success, but on the long-term and effective entry into the market of music equipment and tools that just began to emerge.

One of the key to the success of «Eurhythmics » is the successful selection of the first and most strategic partner, the world-renowned Japanese company Roland.

Having such well-known and significant partners, the company «Eurhythmics» itself was able to achieve significant heights. Today, Eurhythmics has the status of representative of more than 60 world leaders in the production of musical equipment, among which such well-known companies as SHURE,RCF, BEHRINGER, ROLAND, BOSS, PROEL, HERCULES, ROTOSOUND, BUGERA, GLIGA, KAPOK, LEVY `S, PEARL RIVER, WALDEN, REMO, VIC FIRTH, MAPEX, Tulskaya Garmon, JUPITER and others.……

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